ETIS is an Indian software company. This ETIS Company is located in Bangalore, India. This is one of the top best software companies in India. These software companies have made so many different types of software. These software companies are contributing their best to making India a digital country. These software companies of India have very many strong and skilled workers with proper training of making different types of software. These companies are having totally well-experienced professional works that have made so many different types of software such as online money sending apps, net banking apps and many more.

These companies are there with the thinking of making India a digital country. All the software made in the software company of India is passed from this ETIS company whether it should be used or not. They check everything whether the software a specific person or company made is appropriate or not.

One of the recently launched software of this company is online visitor management system which has made the front offices of companies to go paperless. As these management systems help out people in maintaining their data on the electronic devices with no more tension of saving the detailed paper from different people.

What are the features of these visitor management apps or software?

These visitor management systems are mainly used for making the check-in and check-out of people very much effective. These visitor management apps or software were first made with the technology of making the check-in and check-out of people proper on the front office. With the changing times, these apps started changing in their usage. For example:

  1. These management apps can be used for maintaining details and records of the persons of the company as well as of the visitors also. These management apps further help in maintaining all the NDA’s and other legal documents also.
  2. These management systems help in tracking the movements of the visitors on the site, company or building premises.
  3. It also allows in printing batches for the visitors which will also help in promoting the brand of your company as because the logo will be printed off your visitor ID batch. So this will help you promote your company brand.

This is how these visitor/guest management software or apps have changed with the changing times. Therefore, the most commonly used visitor management software in 2018 is i Lobby, material management software, Touch Point and many more. These are top-best visitor management software of 2018. Everyone should use these visitor management systems for the betterment of his or her company as because using up this software for your work purpose will help you in increasing your demand in the competitive market. This will also help you in making your image and status in the developing country.

One day India will definitely become a digital country if everyone will put his or her efforts as because ETIS Software Company of Bangalore is very much advanced Software Company that contributes a lot to making India a digital country.


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