Campus hiring is an efficient method of getting hands on budding talent. It is a scalable recruitment approach that opens a wide hiring possibility for the recruiters, exposing them to large pool of talented candidates. The main objective of campus drive is to bridge the gap between the talented students and the companies looking for new talents. But if we dig deep into the procedure that goes on with this task then it is a notable logistic mayhem, not just for companies but for colleges as well.

Online Assessment: The best way to boost campus hiring!

If we take a look at the numbers, MNCs initiate in the testing and screening of around 6000-7000 campuses on an annual basis. Tackling such a huge count with nothing but just a paper based test methodology will be a mind boggling task. So it becomes a mandatory aspect to integrate online exam maker software to the process of campus hiring and saving a lot of efforts that are only bound to go in vain. Because of not considering the option of automating there campus hiring strategies, some companies are actually going off-campus just to save resources and time. What are some of the other aspects that make conventional campus drives a nightmare for corporates?

Negatives of a conventional campus drive:

  • It is a mundane approach that lacks any sort of systematic technique making it time consuming and resource exhausting method.
  • The rudimentary campus hiring method lacks in providing any logical insight into the skills and talents of college students.
  • Testing all the major aspects required for the job role such as aptitude, skills, personality and behavior is next to impossible with a vintage hiring approach. Lack of time and count of candidates are the two major factors that make manual campus recruitment procedure a demerit to the company as well as to the college.

Above all, the cost that highly goes into taking care of the logistics is huge. The more campuses are covered the more burden on logistics, considering the travel and cost arrears of at least two to three representatives for every campus. Considering so many demerits that go hand in hand with the manual techniques, the best possible way is to conduct online test that can be easily customized to suit the needs of the recruiters.

One of the best methods to judge the entire job qualities of a candidate is to design a psychometric test. Using customizable panel of online quiz maker it becomes an easy task to assess the aptitude and cultural fit of a candidate in an acceptable standard manner. Once you get hands on the right candidates out of the large pool, you can go forward with other sorts of rounds. Therefore, online assessments save your time and resources that would have otherwise been wasted on large count of candidates giving haphazard results and ruining your efforts.

An overview of the benefits of online assessments in comparison with traditional recruitment method –

  • When recruiters conduct online test they get the benefit of extracting proper insight out of a candidate. Due to its customizable and flexible platform, it is not limited to geographical restrictions and can be used to create assessments related to any domain. The load of going through a lot of paper work significantly decreases saving big time on resources and logistics.
  • Online assessment platform has got wide scope to add extra dimensions while designing your assessment. If you are testing candidate’s communication skills then at the very same time you can also assess their essay writing and typing skills.
  • Online tests produce real time results, which mean they have instant result generating feature that greatly overpowers the demerit of manual assessments that takes a lot of time and effort to be evaluated.
  • While conducting online assessments the sole logistic that goes into the process is a personal computer having general internet connectivity.
  • Online exam maker panels come with an inbuilt anti-cheat feature that gives 100% accuracy thus, eradicating the chances of human invigilation errors.
  • Assessing so many candidates at once gives the advantage of creating a talent repository that can be used while hiring in future.


A standardized well designed assessment gives the talent acquisition team the possibility to move forward discarding the mundane and outdated recruitment procedures that are ineffective in nature. Creating their very own customizable tests through online quiz maker, gives recruiters the leverage to objective decision making strategies and churning out the best out of every candidate.


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