A pregnancy kick counter enables you to figure out the kicks of the little one. It does remind you of a life inside the womb. The bundle of happiness is about to emerge at any time. Both the partners can go on to establish an emotional connect with the baby at this point in time. It is not just that but the healthy growth of the little one is assured. A pregnancy kick counter has got the nod of approval among the medical experts as well. Here are some reasons why pregnancy kicks are important

With kicks, you can understand that normal development of the baby takes place

With kicks, it is obvious that healthy development of a baby takes place inside the womb. You could pretty much understand when the baby is active the moment they turn, tumble or kick inside the womb. At the same time, you do feel a flutter in the abdomen the moment a baby goes on to stretch out their limbs. All these movements tend to become more distinct towards the end stages of pregnancy.

pregnancy kick counter

The chances are high that the baby would go on to respond to external stimuli

The kicks of the baby generally arise due to changes in the external environment. The food that we eat or the noises that one makes have a considerable degree of influence. Once you touch 20 weeks of pregnancy the fetus is able to hear low pitch sounds. When the pregnancy proceeds it does begin to hear high pitch sounds as well. All these movements do indicate a normal growth of the baby.

Anything that a mother eats during the course of pregnancy would introduce the baby to the various types of flavors via the medium of the amniotic sac. This surrounds the baby and they are likely to respond in a positive or negative manner towards these foods.

The kicks of the baby do increase when you are lying on the side

You will feel more amounts of kicks when you happen to lay by your side. The reason is that the supply of blood increases when you are lying on the left or the right side. In the process, movements improve considerably.

The moment a mother slept on the back the baby is likely to become less active and they conserve oxygen. The babies are likely to be more active when the mother was on the right or the left side. The moment a mother went on to change their position the baby did go on to change their active state.

pregnancy kick counter


You feel the kicks after 9 weeks

A flutter in the abdomen during the early stages of pregnancy is an indicator of baby movements. They take place from around the 7 the week of pregnancy which is really early for a mother to feel them. The babies are known to kick after 9 weeks of gestation once they begin to move their limbs. You can detect them via an ultrasound scan.


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