These days of inflation go to demonstrate just how much it is to acquire your own bottles of alcohol rather than purchasing a drink. With a few bartending skills that are simple and a couple of ingredients, you might create your own concoctions. However, where are those liquor stores that are stocked that you require, you inquire? Well, we’ve put together a list of the best wine and beer shops in Delhi which will help you get the best easily.

Top Wine and Beer Shops in Delhi

  1. Premium Wine & Beer Shop, Vasant Vihar – Premium Wine and Beer Shop at Vasant Vihar is known for its customer support. They have wine brands from all over the world and you spoilt for. An elegant display of the best brands on earth. This is one of the best wine and beer shops in Delhi.
  2. Wine & Beer Shop, Khan Market – This shop shares market ones in addition to brands and features a stock of spirits. If you do not wish to invest in drinks then you get about 30 ml of alcohol, and you may choose a few bottles out of here. This shop is one of the best wine and beer shops in Delhi.
  3. Jain Departmental Store, SDA – A little patience goes a long way, although it’s usually packed in the evenings. You could ask the shop employees for assistance in the event. We like the fact that you can walk in and select at your choice of alcohol. They deliver alcohol, so you have some delivered on your way home or just have to remain in.

Have a fun night in these Kolkata bars

If you are traveling to Kolkata and would like to enjoy the nightlife then we have made a collection of the best bars in Kolkata which is definitely worth a visit.

Our list of the best pubs and bars in Kolkata has something for everybody if you’re somebody who loves to party daily or someone who loves to have a conversation over a few beers. These will be the most happening places in town and you have to head over to take advantage of your night.

Top Bars in Kolkata

  1. Hoppipola, Acropolis Mall – Hoppipola stormed with this fun concept decor fun games, tasty food & crazy cocktails along with the hype has not died down. Operating from two outlets, the happy hour menu of Hoppipola is the talk of the town. It is one of the best bars in Kolkata.
  2. Olypub, Park Street – OlyPub still keeps the old school charm and has been standing in Park Street for ages. After a day, we love to sit down with a pint of their beef steak and beer. The steak served with peas & Blend (even though a little tough on some days) is pure nostalgia.
  3. The Grid, Topsia – The Grid needs to be one of the best pubs in Kolkata. Lego bar tables and their title, asymmetrical architecture, the place play around with grids of dimensions and different shapes. Their home brewed beer clearly overshadows everything else although the food is lip-smacking. It is one of the best bars in Kolkata.

So we have listed down the best wine and beer shops in Delhi and also if you visit Kolkata we have discussed the best Bars in Kolkata.


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