Golden triangle tour is a circuit of connecting three locations Delhi, Agra(UP) and Jaipur(RAJASTHAN) . It is named as golden triangle because of its shape formed by these three locations.It is around 720 km by road,and Satabadi express train from Delhi is operated for this tour. This golden triangle tour circuit has many places to visit, which usually starts from Delhi-Agra-Jaipur. This tour will present the real beauty of India;in every location you will see the colors with its specialty for everyone and in everything.  Here are some places to explore in golden triangle trip.


To explore golden triangle tour, you have many ways to go. Either you can get coach or you can plan your trip with traveling companies or tour operators. The very first location from where you will start your journey for golden triangle tour. In Delhi (The national capital city) you can visit historical places like Red fort, Raj ghat, Humanyun’s tomb, Qutubminar (built in 1199, by Qutub-ud-din Aibek), the cremation sites of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru, India Gate, Akshardham Temple. These are the major destinations of Delhi where you can plan you triangle tour. This busy lane city also known for many others things where you can add some memorable things in trip that are food corners (chandni chowk ke parathe), shopping malls &markets. Many educational institutions etc. this city adds perfect combination of everything from people, culture, historical places, foods , shopping zones, temples, government headquarters, parliamentary house.


It is that place where you can explore many historical places.Because this place is history itself and it is situated on the bank of Yamuna River. It gives the proof of rulers of Mughalemperors (1526 to 1658), it is all known that whenever comes the name of Agra the first destination comes in mind is Taj Mahal (one of the seven wonders in the world, tourists all over the world visit here at least once), some other destinations you can visit in Agra are Agra kakila (Agra fort), Jamamaszid in fatehpursikri (it is between Agra and Jaipur journey), tomb of Mariam-uz-zamani. These historical monuments will give you feel of British era.

According to Hindu culture this land adds some part of Brijbhumi (Agraban, which was covered with many forestsaround it). Adding spiritual places Agra and Mathura Vrindavan shows the indifferent part of religious essence. And make the sign of historical and cultural beauty. And you can get feel of villages and their cultural as it is worth visiting if you plan or add these places in your Agra(golden triangle tour) trip.


The capital city of Rajasthan is the third or last location of golden triangle tour. You can explore many gardens, parks and historical places. Some historical places Jai Singhpalace (jai Singh founded Jaipur city in 1727. A.D), Hawamahal, Amer fort, city palace, Jantarmantar, Jaigarh fort, Nahargarh fort, Albert hall, Jalmahal, Birla Temple. This golden triangle trip will be incomplete if you don’t plan to go these historical monuments.

Apart from these destinations it is known for the people of Jaipur. They are well off in their hospitability. Theyshow warm welcome to their guests. People of Jaipur (Rajasthan) are deeply rooted with their ancient culture and they feel very pride when they present their self as Rajput’sthe integral part of cultural are their colorful clothes, turbans of males and ghagra-chollis of females. You will start loving this place when you will see the jewelry of Jaipur (Rajasthan) kundan(for shopping you can get them in every cost low to high). So this is ideal face of colors of India.

This is certain that this place will give you a unique experience in your triangle tour. This is last pillar of golden triangle tour, but it is not least in it.

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