This is a question that is commonly asked by students who are eager to have a better and highly rewarding career. Taking the right decision to avail a course will be the first step to be taken towards moving the correct direction. This will lead to satisfaction and the student enjoying the course and learn plenty of things that can be successfully put into good use when employed. The truth is that VLSI designers do make more money in their jobs, but FPGA is not included in it. But when it comes to getting job opportunities in plenty, then it is embedded systems that rank above VLSI.

Choosing the right option

Those having option are recommended not to venture into design verification. This is because, this particular aspect is looked down as lower skilled. Even salaries are much lower, while there is derived limited career path. Same is the story for embedded systems. Being a QA will not be much good to the career.

From another perspective, moving towards verification from design is really acceptable. This is so for those perceived as not enough intelligence to ‘hack it’. Several establishments are likely to dismiss the verification engineer out-rightly when trying to move within the design aspect.

The other aspect will be to be flexible, explore all jobs beyond the electronic domain. For example, Biomed manufacturing QA is likely to be attractive, stable and rewarding monetarily. It is necessary to understand that carers in electronics are a bit difficult, with competition being intense and wide. If the person is static for over 4 years, then he/she is sure to become obsolete. It is Biomed QA as well as similar careers that do offer the benefit of artificial barriers which have been developed through licensing and regulations. As a matter of fact, if the person is still at a point, where he/she can freely consider careers seriously, where licensing can be difficult and barrier to entry, along with medicine, public accounting, engineering where there is needed PE. Checking out the portal of the leading institutes will give the candidate an in-depth knowledge of the vlsi courses in Bangalore.

How is the salary for the qualified VLSI engineer?

The truth is that there is very little scope in the country, as there are very less companies here hiring VLSI engineers. But the future does seem bright as more companies are launching to provide their clients with VLSI technological solutions. But there are plenty of big and small VLSI companies abroad. With less number of qualified candidates and more companies demanding good employees, the salary package is quite good. There are plenty of Verification jobs to be applied for in the country and abroad. Those who have undergone advanced learning for vlsi in Bangalore is able to enter this domain easily and effortlessly and also do enjoy on-campus recruitment facilities. The pay package for the initial 1 to 3 years can be somewhat low. But with experience, more exposure and knowledge gained, there can be witnessed mind boggling increase in salary.


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